Road Marking Machine & Material

Walk behind hand propelled Road Marking Applicator made of stainless steel with needle valve & hand mixer rotary type is used for Hot Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking applications on highways, roads, parking lots etc with Glass beads dispenser.

Cold Applied Road Marking Machineswork on airlesstechnology which produce precise lines every time, without excessive over spray or the fuzzy uneven lines. A variety of paints can be used with these machines like Alkyd, chlorinated rubber, polyolefin, solvent& water based paints with arrangement for drop- on Glass beads. It can be used efficiently for a wide variety of surface of any size like parking lots, runways, roads, paths, sports fields, shopping malls, factory premises, walls, kerb stones etc. Two spray guns can be used simultaneously.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Materialconforming to BS & AASHTO specifications & as per MOST specifications given in section 800. Drop on glass Beads, Water based “ECO Friendly” Road Marking Paints & Solvent Based Road Marking Paints are also available.

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