High Speed Weigh-In-Motion System

High-Speed WIM is a low cost means of recording Axle Load Data & vehicle classification without interruption to traffic flows. First class Piezo Electric Sensors are employed for axle weight data. This WIM system is used as a statistical data gathering device to record the pattern of highway traffic loading. It can also be employed as a screening weighbridge for approximate pre-selection of overloaded vehicles in the traffic stream. It can be interfaced with Control Traffic Signals, CCTV, Diversion signs to intercept overloaded vehicles and direct them off the highway on loop road for necessary action.

weign in motion

Permanent Slow Speed Weigh-In- Motion System & Weight Enforcement Station

The Slow-Speed WIM Systems is suitable for use by Government authorities for axle load restriction enforcement or by transport companies to check axle and gross vehicle weights prior to proceeding on the road. In the dynamic weighing mode, the vehicle travels at low speed & medium speed, typically 5-20kph, over the weigh beam, which is permanently installed into a concrete weigh lane. With the addition of a Windows PC and software package, the system functions are enhanced to provide additional diagnostic facilities like data storage, report generation, on-line services and customized weight tickets. It can be interfaced with Traffic signal control, Over-length detection User Friendly Operator Control Unit, Video Camera and Text Insertion Module, Over-height detection & Connection to HIGH-SPEED WIM as Pre-selection system.

weign in motion