Thermoplastic Road Marking Material as Per BS & AASHTO Specifications
Hot applied thermoplastic material conforms to BS 3262 Part-1 1989, AASHTO M 249-79 and MORT & H specifications under section 800, clause 803. This material is based on a formulation of resins, aggregate, pigment, glass beads and is available in a dry powder form. The formulation is such that when in molten state, it can be applied readily on to road surface to gives lines of excellent quality and durability. These are available as reflective material (30% of the glass beads of class ‘A’ conforming to Bs 6080-1981) with a range of luminous values and can be produced in high skid resistance grades. The method of the application is screed application, which is done by screed applicator

Water Based Eco Friendly Road Marking Paint
Water Based high durability road marking material is a water based paint which is free from bad odour and fire hazards. It has no toxic effect on inhaling or on contact with skin. It is completely echo/ozone/environment friendly paint. Titanium di-oxide is used as the main colouring pigment. Calcium carbonate as the main filler, water based acrylic emulsion as binder and water as thinner. Minor additives are used for dispersion & preservation. All the above material are non-toxic and non-fire hazards. Drop on glass beads can be used.

Solvent Based Road Marking Paints
The Solvent Based Road Marking Paint is of premium quality, quick drying chlorinated, rubber based and normally has no intermixed reflective glass beads. Drop on glass beads can be used during application. Can be used on asphalt as well as onm concrete road surface. Minimum 50% pigment is used by weight. Drying time is 15-minute maximum. One liter of this paint normally covers 2.64 square meter. The paint can be applied by brush/roller/spray by using walk behind type road marking machine or truck mounted road marking machine. Paint is available in White, Black, Yellow & Red colour.

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