We offer the most efficient Machines that are known for their operational efficiency. These machines are made of high-grade materials, under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Our Machines are very sturdy, but, simple & have long lasting value for money. Operators with little orientation and training can understand and run these machines.


  • Applicator Tank: 200kg Stainless Steel
  • Glass beads container: 12 kg Stainless Steel
  • Glass beads system spraying: Rotor type (MS)
  • Weight of total system: 130kg
  • Heating system: LPG
  • Dimensions of applicator: Width 16″(41cm), Length 36″(92cm)& Hight 36″(92cm)
  • Glass dispensing box: 10cm and 15cm (MS)
  • Laying Shoes: 10cm and15cm laying shoe as standard attachment (MS)
  • Front wheel size:  25cm×5cm made of special Rubber
  • Rear wheels size: 15cm×5cm made of special rubber with metal
  • Operating system: Manual (Push behind)
Road Marking Machine

Specification for Pre-heater 

  • Capacity of Boiler: 250 kg
  • Dimension of Boiler: 81×132×147 cms
  • Oil system: Of HP company
  • Engine horse power: Water cooled 8 HP diesel engine (Onkar)
  • Number of Burners: 5
  • Make of gear box: Eicher, Mahindra or Mitsubishi
  • Heating system: LPG
  • layer Jacket: Made of four layers
  •   Jacket number 1: Stainless steel of 3mm thickness
  •   Jacket number 2: Stainless steel of 4mm thickness which is enclose with oil
  •   Jacket number 3: Stainless steel of 2mm thickness enclose with air
  •   Jacket number 4: Stainless steel of 2mm thickness enclosed with glass wool to maintain temperature
  • Operating system: Manual
  • Weight : 450kG
Road Marking Machine