ROMDAS® (Road Measurement Data Acquisition System) has been developed by Data Collection Ltd. (DCL) as a low cost modular, yet comprehensive, system designed to collect asset and pavement information using almost any vehicle. Whether a private consultant, government department or research institution ROMDAS offers great flexibility and ease of use for anyone who needs to quickly and accurately collect a variety of pavement information.
The base ROMDAS system includes the core hardware components, odometer, interfaces and software licenses for collecting survey data. The modular design provides customers the option of adding modules and upgrades to a base system for recording additional datasets. This innovative design can be installed on almost any vehicle and enables users to customize a system specific to the needs of their projects, without having to spend additional money on components they do not need.

Can Be Used to Collect:

  • Roughness (IRI)
  • Macro-Texture (MPD)
  • Keycode Rating (Inventory and Condition rating)
  • Transverse Profiles/Rut Depths
  • Video Logging (Right of Way and Pavement View)
  • iRAP Road Safety Inspections
  • GPS (inc: real-time sub-meter accuracy)
  • Geometry
  • Traffic Counts
  • Congestion (Travel Time Surveys)
  • Cracking & Defects (automatic and manual rating)
  • Ravelling& Faulting
  • Pavement Marking Reflectivity
  • Mobile Mapping

Add or subtract different modules depending on the type of data you need. Roughness (IRI) is probably the most common types of data needed. This modular design is grouped by the type of data (e.g. roughness, rutting, geometry), but notice there are sometimes multiple modules for collecting a type of data (e.g. Laser Profilers and Bump Integrators both collect roughness data). Each module has its benefits (e.g. BI is robust, low cost and good for rough/unpaved roads, whereas a Laser profiler is high accuracy, doesn’t need calibration, good for highways, expressway and very smooth roads). This is where it is important that you discuss with us about your needs and the environment etc… to ensure we can offer you the best module for their needs.

Why ROMDAS an attractive option:

  • Vehicle mounted data collection system
  • Combination of hardware and software
  • Modular: start with central system the add modules to meets specific needs
  • Meets widely accepted industry standards
  • Over 200 systems in 60 countries
  • Robust = proven in tough conditions
  • Financial = cost effective equipment
  • Service = High level of customer support
  • Innovation & future proofed = constant development and upgradable systems