This is a world-renowned our portable low profile Pad designed for the fast and accurate measurement of the wheel, axle and GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of vehicles with Series of Load cell. It provides your roads optimal protection as it detects overload vehicles. It can be easily connected serially to a separate indicator, having an inbuilt printer. Mats are also connected for guiding the truck driver.
Our Portable Wheel/Axle Load Scales are used to protect the road network from destruction after considering the following means, where it is not possible to build permanent Weigh Station and the location of the measurement is to be changed very often:

  •  Appropriate design of the road.
  • Setup Weight limits for the heavy traffic.
  • Checking of Weight of the heavy traffic by Police/Transport Departments for enforcement
  • Setup rules for the fines for overweight
  • The measurements are not limited to certain sites. The drivers have no possibility to bypass the measuring point
  • The location of the measurement can be changed in a very short time. The experience shows, that after a few hours the site may be changed because the drivers are warned by other drivers already know about this
  • The longer Operation time of the scales
  • Lower cost
Portable Wheel/Axel load enforcement system

Portable Static Digital Wheel/Axle Load Scales with Inbuilt Display

This is an ultra-low profile (only 25mm high) with a high strength aluminium alloy construction that makes it lightweight and highly portable whilst ensuring impressive strength and robustness. The pads have the option of two quick release access ramps and are highly portable with a convenient carry handle allowing them to be stored and carried to the weighing location when required. The pads are battery powered with a clear 25mm high LCD weight display and include an auto-off feature that conserves battery and ensures an impressive 16 hours of use between charges. Standard, large and oversize models are available making this model ideal for weighing all types of vehicles, from cars to articulated lorries. Larger pads available in this model feature a second handle at the rear of the pad and ramps as standard.

Description: Mobile, static wheel load scale
Portable Wheel/Axel load enforcement systemApplication: Measurement of wheel and axle loads of vehicles with 20 Nos. Load cell
Range: 0…10T 0…15 T.
Accuracy: 0.1~0.5 % F. S
Weight: 24Kg.
Platform Height: 18 mm


  • Capacity:   wheel weight:≤10,15,20T
  • Dynamic comprehensive error(%F.S): 3 (5~10km/h)
  • Static comprehensive error(%F.S): 0.3Portable Wheel/Axel load enforcement system
  • Product weight: weighing pad:27Kg /pcs Indicator:8Kg/pcs
  • Product size:  weighing pad’s size:870×470×25mm Indicator’s size:400×300×170mm
  • Defend grade: Weighing pad: IP66    Indicator: IP65
  • Deposit:  Temp. range: -30~+80
  • Relative Humidity:<90%RH
  • Vehicle axle weight is measured axle by axle, and the max number is unlimited.
  • Ultra high frequency ensures better anti-electromagnet ability.
  • Floating technology is adapted to remove zero drift
  • Digitization menu, easy operation
  • A micro printer is embedded in the wireless instrument, the print ticket contains the date, time, truck no, ticket no, axle weight, joint axle weight, truck weight, overload and executive organization