AJS Scale International offers a variety of road asset management solutions that helps in providing an essential resource for educators, students and those in public agencies and consultancies who are directly responsible for handling roadways.

Our qualified engineering team shall help you for effectively monitoring the condition of your road infrastructure will determine the most economical treatments for road failures; estimate the long-term maintenance, refurbishment and replacement costs.

We collect the following type of data with ROMDAS Vehicles having high accuracy GPS & Odometer-

  • Roughness (IRI):

The International Roughness Index (IRI) is the roughness index most commonly obtained from measured longitudinal road profiles. It is calculated using ROMDAS Bump Integrator or Laser Profilometer module. IRI is also used to evaluate new pavement construction, to determine penalties or bonus payments based on smoothness.

  •  Rut Depths: 

A Rut is a depression or groove worn into a road or path by the travel of wheels or skis, on gravel roads it formed due to erosion from flowing water. It is measured by ROMDAS  Laser Rut Measurement System  or Transverse Profile Loggers.

  • Road Geometry:

We undertake survey work for calculation of Pavement gradient, radius of curvature, cross-fall and other road geometry characteristics. It is done using ROMDAS Geometry Unit. The geometry module utilizes an integrated GPS and MEMS Internal Measurement Unit (IMU) with a navigation, attitude and heading reference system processor to provide accurate and reliable highway geometry data. The internal low-power signal processor runs a real-time Kalman filter providing inertial enhanced 3D position and velocity estimates.

  • Visual Record (ROW) with Key Coding:

In this type of survey we use Right  Of  Way  (ROW)  and pavement  view  cameras. Images  are viewable  in  real  time  during  data  collection  so  quality  and  aspect constantly monitored. Here with help of ROMDAS programmable keyboard inventory & event keys can be define on survey vehicle or during office processing on client demand.

  • Multi functional ‘All-In-One’ Pavement Profiling:

In this survey we collect high accuracy 3D profiles of the road surface. That are analyzed using industry standard algorithms to calculate a wide variety of important data sets. Here we use ROMDAS LCMS that utilizes latest and most advance laser scanning technology from INO/Pavemetrics. On client demand we can calculate Transverse Profile & Rutting, Macro-Texture (MPD), Raveling, Concrete Joints/Faulting, RoughnessRoad Geometry etc. This survey is mainly done for Crack & Defect detection.