Laser Based Vehicle Speed Checking Instruments (Laser Guns) with & without camera and printer

Pro Laser IV

The Pro Laser IV delivers unmatched target acquisition, range, and performance. Superior optics, advanced software and narrower beam width provide exceptional performance. Ergonomically designed, the rugged, forward-sweep pistol grip and trigger angle provide outstanding balance and fit. The unit is specifically angled to align your hand, arm, eyes, and target while affording a comfortable, secure grip.High contrast visibility day and night, the new OLED rear display and HUD provide faster response time, substantial information, and improved night-time operation. The advanced ProLaser 4 gives you a powerful advantage in traffic enforcement.


  • Faster target acquisition
  • Greater range: 3 to 2,440 meter
  • Smaller, lighter profile; only 1.1 kg.
  • Eight AA rechargeable batteries and charger included*
  • Simple user interface; one touch controls
  • High contrast OLED graphical display
  • Speed and range in HUD
  • Event Record in internal memory
  • Rugged, forward-sweep pistol grip design
  • Hogue Cobblestone over-sleeve grip and proportioned finger grooves
  • IP67 certified for water and dust
  • Laser wavelength: 904 nm +/- 10 nm
  • Speed Accuracy: (+/- 1 km/h, +/- 1 knots)
  • Speed range: (16-320 km/h, 8-174 knots)
  • Target range: (stationary, reflective) 3-2,400 m)
  • Range Accuracy: +/- 15 cm
  • Display Resolution: 0.1 ft (0.1 m)
  • Acquisition time: 0.3 seconds (on qualified targets)
  • Laser beamwidth: 1 mR horizontal
  • Eye safety: CDRH/FDA Class 1 or 1M (IEC60825-1)
  • Battery life: 11+ hours, continuous trigger down
  • Operating temp: -30ºC to +60ºC
  • Power input: 4x AA batteries, 12 VDC adaptor
  • I/O data port: USB with high retention connector
  • Profile (H x W x L): (25 cm x 11 cm x 16 cm)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs with batteries (1.08 kg)
  • IP67 water and dust proof
  • NHTSA Conforming Product List

The ProLaser-III

The Prolaser-III is a compact, high performance LIDAR which uses advanced software and a superior optics to provide quicker target acquisition with and a beam only 3 feet wide at a range of 1000 ft. The Prolaser-III uses LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, wherein it emits a series of invisible laser light pulses to measure both the range and velocity of the target.
The first traffic laser with poor weather mode, allowing for improved performance in fog, rain, snow, and dust. The rugged aluminium housing and rubber bumpers protect the unit from damage. The ProLaser III is powered by a corded 12 VDC handle or optional long-life battery pack and backlit LCD for night time operations.


  • Target specific identification
  • Continuous tracking history
  • Simple push button user interface
  • LCD Active Matrix graphical display
  • Side-by-side lenses for superb balance
  • Selectable direction mode
  • Full protection against water and dust: IP67 and NEMA 6 compliant
  • Speed Accuracy: +/- 1 mph (+/- 1 km/h)
  • Speed Range: 10 – 200 mph (16 – 320 km/h)
  • Range Accuracy: +/- 6” (+/- 0.15 cm)
  • Range Resolution: 0.1 ft. (0.1 m)
  • Range: 10 ft. to 6,000 ft. (3 m to 1,829 m)
  • Acquisition Time: 0.3 seconds
  • Beam Width: 3 ft. at 1,000 ft. (3 m at 1,000 m)
  • Operating Temp: -22ºF to +140ºF (30ºC to +60ºC)
  • Power: 9.6V DC NiMH battery
  • I/O Data Port: RS-232 serial port
  • Profile (H x W X L): (26.0 cm x 10.8 cm x 18.8 cm)
  • Weight with battery: 3.25 lbs. (1.47 kg.)
  • Eye Safety: CDRH/FDA Class 1 or 1M (IEC60825-1)


The LASERwitness utilizes both LIDAR technology for target specific identification and digital video for complete tracking history. The LASERwitness features the ProLaser® III along with an industrial grade Sony infrared camera for effective day and night recording. Video is recorded to an SD memory card that can provide up to seven hours of record time operated manually or automatically. It has the ability to output data via a Datalogger system or printer. Standard Options: GPS Antenna, car mount stand and professional tripod, wired remote, 12V supply cable, rain/dust cover, positioning arms, PC data logger cable, and heavy-duty carrying case.


  • Powered by ProLaser III
  • Event recording captures date, time, vehicle speed and GPS coordinates
  • State-of-the-art video components, including 432x zoom camera
  • Provides target specific identification
  • Superior night time illumination allows for use at any time of the day
  • ProLog laser video back office for data and records managements
  • Speed accuracy: +/- 1 Km/h
  • Speed range: 8 to 320 Km/h
  • Range Accuracy: +/- 15cm
  • Range Resolution: 0.3 cm
  • Range: 3 Mtr to 1850 Mtr
  • Acquisition time: 0.33 seconds
  • Beam width: 1 Mtr to 300 Mtr
  • Operating temp: -22 degrees F to 140 degrees F
  • Power: 9.6 V DC NiMH battery
  • Profile (H x W x L): 10.25” x 4.25” x 7.40”
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs with batteries

LaserTrac 5737iG

Professional Laser Speed Video Traffic Enforcement System

Uses invisible infrared laser beam for long distance, rapid and accurate pinpoint-aimed measurement, and digital video recording enabling unambiguous identification of the target vehicle.Is a compact, lightweight, handy instrument with integrated mechanical, optical and electronic sub units namely, laser measuring device (Lidar), high resolution color video camera, digital video recorder/player, color LCD monitor, central microprocessor control unit and a damped pan and tilt head for convenient and precision aiming. Can records in automated or manual measurements modes. In the automated mode, the evidence recording is triggered by the laser system via user preset speed limit.
Can be mounted and operated from within the patrol car, or externally on a tripod (optional). Can aim using the LCD monitor or the Laser HUD view finder.The true real time picture seen is identical to what is recorded, enabling real time recordings of speed other even other traffic law violations like signal jumping, dangerous driving etc.Records on a removable CF card all evidential data type and identification, momentary speed, aiming reticle, date, time, measuring mode, record identification, target distance, preset speed limit and image of target vehicle’s registration plate.Provides optional audio recording. Optional GPS moving mode capability.

  • Distance Range 3-1829Mtrs HX
  • Speed Measuring Range 0-321Km/hr
  • Acquisition Time 0.3s
  • Refresh Rate 3-4/sec True Tracking
  • Speed Measuring Accuracy +/- 2 Km/hr
  • Distance Measuring Accuracy +/- 0.2Mtrs
  • Laser Beam Divergence 3Mtrs at 1000Mtrs
  • Measuring Direction both Approaching & Receding
  • Environmental Mode for Rain, Snow, Fog & Dust
  • Through Windscreen Operating Capability
  • Audible/Visual Aiming Tone
  • Target Reticule in Heads up Display
  • Video/Image 4:3 Format PAL Colour