Graco Line Lazer Road Marking Machines work on airless technology which produce precise lines every time, without excessive over spray or the fuzzy uneven lines normally associated with air spray. You achieve faster drying times, consistent paint thickness and water based lines that looks like tapes. A variety of paints can be used with these machines like Alkyd, chlorinated rubber, polyolefin, latex paint & water borne paint. These are available in different options like self-propelled / machine propelled, Single spray gun/double spray gun etc. For better productivity, you can attach Line driver (a special designed vehicle) to achieve forward speed up to 16km/h and reverse speed up to 10 km/h. Line Lazer and Line driver efficiently stripe a wide variety of surface of any size, such as parking lots, runways, roads, paths, sport fields, shopping malls and convenience stores.
Dispenser for drop-on glass beads is also provided optionally.

Road Marking MachinesGraco Line Laser-IV 5900
Road Marking MachinesGraco Line Laser-IV 3900